Most Anticipated Albums of 2020


2019 is now the past, so let’s look forward to some of the great music in 2020. Some of these are confirmed with release dates, some are anticipated this year, and others are speculation based on band comments or social media posts.

  1. Brian FallonLocal Honey – Every follower of this site will know by now our love for the Gaslight Anthem singer/songwriter. His new 8-song collection is coming out in March, and if first single “You Have Stolen My Heart” is any indication, the album will lean more towards folk and Americana than his previous two releases.
  2. Pacific Radio – one of my favorite local acts will be releasing new music this year. And you should listen to it when they do.
  3. Social Distortion – In an interview, Mike Ness announced the band had begun writing the new record, and he was aiming to make it the best of their career. Considering what a great career they’ve had, here’s hoping the long drought of new Social D music ends in 2020 and that these punk godfathers come back with a bang.
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers – With the announcement of John Frusciante’s return to the RHCP fold, my excitement for the band’s next LP increased exponentially. Nothing against Josh Klinghoffer, but there’s just a certain magic that Frusciante brings to the band that has always helped them write their best material.
  5. The Cure – Another one originally expected last year, as the 80’s pop rock all stars toured and put on their own festival in Los Angeles, it seems more likely that the group’s next LP will finally drop in 2020 (hopefully with new tour dates, as I was unable to see them this last time around).
  6. Green DayFather of All Motherfuckers – I’ll admit, when I heard the lead single, also titled “Father of all Motherfuckers”, it didn’t connect with me. I’ve always felt Prince-style vocals should be left on Prince albums, but I’ll give it to Green Day – the song grew on me, as they hammered it into our brains, playing it at every televised gig they could. While the group may never have another year like they did with American Idiot, I love how they are out there doing everything they can to keep rock alive and well. With this new album and the Hella Mega Tour, it certainly won’t pass on in 2020.
  7. The KillersImploding the Mirage – The Las Vegas rockers have been on the upswing as of late, with their last album¬†Wonderful Wonderful a return to form, and last year’s one-off single “Land of the Free” a powerful political statement. So it’s not hard to imagine that their next album will find the band in excellent form.
  8. Haim – the sister act have already dropped three songs from their upcoming album, showcasing a range from summer pop to moving acoustic balladry. The girls are simply damn talented, and walk the fine line between modern pop and AAA style songwriting that too few acts in the mainstream are able to do.
  9. Nathan GrayWorking Title – truth be told, I’ve already heard this album, officially coming out on January 31st. And it is the punk album needed right now. Keep an eye out for my review later this month. This one is a positive explosion of inspiration.
  10. Greg DulliRandom Desire – I have been a fan of Dulli’s songwriting for many years. His dark take on indie and alternative rock and soul has always been equally haunting and engaging, acerbic and anthemic. With his first official solo album (as he said on social media –¬†Amber Headlights was really an album of outtakes and leftovers), 2020 will officially have a soundtrack for late night drives in Los Angeles.
  11. Alexi Murdoch – It’s been a nine years since we received any new music from the British songwriter, but after posting an image on twitter last year that hinted that he was recording, I’m hopeful we’ll finally hear some new tunes from this talented artist.
  12. Pearl Jam – Aside from the one-off single “Can’t Deny Me”, it’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Pearl Jam. The 90’s survivors have confirmed they’re writing/recording, so it’s likely we’ll get a new album from them this year.

Other Artists to Watch in 2020:

The Rolling Stones, The Strokes, Stroke 9, Pale Waves, Drive-By Truckers


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