Banger of the Week: San Román – Stay Where You Are

When you don’t have the kind of voice that lets you belt out a throat-shredding scream, it can be totally cathartic to listen to a singer who can. Alexa San Román obliges. The veteran front woman of hardcore band Love, Robot and later of Heirsound, has in recent years become a go-to music video director, but has gotten back into the music game with her upcoming debut solo album under her last name, San Román. And to preview the upcoming album Messy, she’s dropped the full-throttle “Stay Where You Are”.

The melodic opening may throw you off; some steady chords are strummed as San Román sings “I was a child, you weren’t right. Now I am older, but I’m falling behind”. But those vocals get more and more intense, until she screams “Say what you mean to say!” in true, throat-shredding fashion. It’s the kind of vocal that if you tried to copy it, you would lose your voice and cough blood for a week. Thankfully we have rockers like San Román who can write a barnburner like this so we can exorcise all our demons thru music.

Take a listen to this banger in our Bangers of the Week Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music!

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