Mumm-Ra: These Things Move in Threes (2007)


It was only after watching the movie 500 days of Summer that I became aware of Mumm-Ra. Always a sucker for British pop with an edge I was disappointed to discover an album of too-ready-for-radio bubble gum poop.

It’s a very mediocre album with 2-4 bright spots that have a place on playlists: “Now or Never” and “She’s Got You High,” TBD, TBD. I’m giving the band the benefit of the doubt on the last couple bright spots.

I’ve enjoyed listening to the aforementioned songs several times and they infect your brain thoughts but I’ve repeatedly gotten pissed at the drivel masquerading as music between moments of entertainment.


1 Comment

  1. “She's Got You High” is pretty excellent though. Surprised you were able to find the whole album. Kind of curious to hear the other tracks.


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