Broken Social Scene: Forgiveness Rock Record (2010)

(Arts & Crafts)

Nearly a month in the making, I’m back with my triumphant return to partially thought out music reviews sentencing subjective judgment upon passionate dedicated professionals who have risked so much to make music. Who am I to criticize them?….

The newest record from Broken Social Scene is another step horizontal for the quintessential college rock radio band. I’ve loosely followed them since 2003 when they emerged onto main stream radio for a few minutes. They never attracted too much of my interest though as their vocals and lyrics, when present, lacked presence. If lacking words then thine should blow my brain with sound and even their orchestration, complex as it is, fires blanks.

Quite simply, nothing feels new on this album. It’s not as if BSS is rewriting the same stuff but all these songs have been done before. You’ll here uncomfortably similar sounds to Of Montreal, ancient Bright Eyes, 1st album Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, friendly Modest Mouse and upbeat Sufjan Stevens. The diversity doesn’t gel well either. It’s a herky jerky album that never establishes a theme or purpose. I don’t need Rock Opera just a bit more than a BSS covers mixtape.

Redeeming: uplifting “Meet me in the Basement”

…Someone who needs a platform and a venue. Now that I’ve stretched my legs I’ll get back to what I do best, underrating and overrating with ignorant alacrity the newest things found.


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