Girl Talk – "All Night" (2010)

(Illegal Art)

For the past eight years, Girl Talk (otherwise known as Gregg Michael Gillis) has been releasing dance party ready records that combined hundreds of tracks from the last fifty years and a wide range of genres into just over an hour of fun. His formula has not changed much throughout the years and his latest release, All Day, does not break any new ground.

I will not even try to run to some of the samples used (just check out the Wikipedia page) but as always the list is quite impressive. His records always play like games of trying to see who names the most samples or name them first that could be quite fun. They also work as party filler to leave playing in the background and let those more dance inclined to stretch their appendages. The only problem is that one could talk about record and have it apply to the other. Gillis does have a knack for pairing up tracks in interesting manners and giving the listener enough moments of wonder with how well such different tracks work together to warrant a few listens outside of dance floors. However, with no semblance of narrative to be found the novelty wears off after a bit and the listener turns away.

Girl Talk knows his place in crowded rooms but his records, All Day included, serve more as samplers to what is surely an exciting and sweaty live show. Otherwise, try to hear how many songs you recognize and move along.

[Download the full record for free on Illegal Art’s website]

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