A couple songs to feed the need for, well, songs.  File under- garage rock

The Orwells, Disgraceland (2014)
Song: The Righteous One

Oh so irreverent in tone and presentation with a lazy guitar riff and lyrics mixing two fulfilling emotions like confusion and apathy comes a song from a band getting more attention than they probably deserve based on the quality of the record as a whole.  There’s a tipsy, stoned element to the rhythm that leads to head bobbing.  The best part are the repetitions, lazily mumbled out and building to defiant yelps that blend into the chorus.  Signed to Atlantic, and starring on an Apple commercial they may not be as Indy (Indie) as we hope to be/find but, dammit, that Apple commercial was good.  And so is this song.

The Libertines, Up The Bracket (2002)

Song: The Boy Looked at Johnny

Early 2000s this British garage rock band rose to moderate success and respectability.  Pete Doherty, it’s most famous front man dated Kate Moss and then/while became/becoming addicted to cocaine and heroine got booted out of the band and the loose lipped, slurry soul that complimented the simple rhythms and slowdowns were lost.  He went on to continue his battle with drugs and formed Babyshambles, who came out with a good debut.  Via Wikipedia, they’re back together! This has nothing to do with that- the reason for the previous song was irreverent repetition and here we have irreverent mumbling and some pointless repetition bringing back that theme of confusion.  Oh rock bands, so confused.  It also contains a favorite lyric from any song anywhere which you should adopt yourself:  “Do you know who I think I am!”  A plea: get this album.  It’s top notch.

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