Live Report: The World Record "Guitars Forever" Vinyl Release Party

Date: July 28, 2017
Venue: The Satellite, Silverlake CA
Bands: Le Switch, The Parson Red Heads, The World Record, The Henry Clay People

What is a “scene”? If you go to shows like The World Record‘s vinyl release party last night, you’ll see first hand. Camraderie between the bands, in a venue they know and love so well. A room full of fans who are old friends, hugging and high-fiving as if each show is a reunion. There’s a love an energy in the room that you never find at big shows with major label bands.

This is what makes indie shows (and the Silverlake scene especially) so special. All four bands last night’s show have been playing with each other for years, and it’s easy to see the bonds they’ve formed. Members of World Record got up on stage to play tambourine and backing vocals for The Parson Red Heads (who flew in for Portland just to play this one show). The Henry Clay People blasted out a song all about their love for Le Switch.

And all the bands proved their veteran status during their sets. Le Switch‘s songs, layered with violin and horns, had the crowd dancing with their honky-tonk infused sing-alongs. The Parson Red Heads showed off their mastered high-pitch harmonies, as they played a mix of old fan favorites and new songs from their new album Blurry Harmony. The World Record, who were the focal point of the night, gave life to their Guitars Forever songs with dry humor and infectious melodies. And then The Henry Clay People came on to bring the noise, blasting their working class punk battle cries to a bouncing crowd.

All of these bands only play on rare occasions these days, making it all the more special to see them all together again for one night. For those who were seeing them play ten years ago (back when The Satellite was still Spaceland), it was a nice nostalgic night of good tunes and remembering what it’s like to be part of a scene.

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