Check This: Elijah Ocean – Ride it Out

Artist: Elijah Ocean

Song: Ride it Out

Genre: Folk, Country

I saw Elijah Ocean play at The Mint earlier this year, opening for The Ghost of Paul Revere. His stage demeanor was reserved with minor quips here and there. He let his songs speak for him, performing moving and rollicking country folk songs in the vein of Ryan Adams (one of my favorites).

Of all the songs played, “Ride it Out” left the biggest impact. Accompanying me at the show that night was a friend who had been fighting a severe illness for years, and Elijah’s lyrics about someone pushing through dark times struck an emotional nerve. My friend lost his battle with his illness two months back, but when I listen to this song, I will always remember the strength and grace he showed throughout his struggle.

It’s a testament to any songwriter who can write music that can have such a meaningful effect. Elijah has a new self-titled album out this year that you should also listen to along with this song.

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