Throwback Thursday: Gin Blossoms – Learning the Hard Way

Of all the 90’s alt rockers who ruled radio, Gin Blossoms were in the upper-echelon, backing their pop savvy with sharp songwriting and big melodic hooks. Then following their second hit album Congratulations, I’m Sorry (1996), they broke up. And most people seem to think they stayed that way.

Nope! In 2006, the band returned with the album Major Lodge Victory, and proved they still had the same prowess for hooky nuggets, even if radio and audiences weren’t paying attention as much as before. They also hit the road again, mostly playing the nostalgia circuit, but still killing it (they were truly the highlight of the Summerland Tour). The first single from Major Lodge Victory was “Learning the Hard Way“, and it can easily stand beside the best singles from the group’s heyday. It begins with a blast of jangly guitars perfect for a desert highway drive, before singer Robin Wilson’s familiar vocals come in. The lyrics could just as easily be about the band as it could about any couple overcoming the difficulties that come with getting old, “We’ve come too far too turn back, We’re just too close to quit. We’re learning the hard way.”

Aren’t we all? They released another album, No Chocolate Cake, in 2010, and continue to tour. If you’re planning any end-of-summer road trips, add “Learning the Hard Way” to the playlist.

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