Throwback Thursday: Ziggy Marley – Tomorrow People

When it comes to reggae music, no other artist has come close to matching the success of Bob Marley, who is synonymous with the genre. After Bob’s death, his family began making their own contributions to the music world. His wife Rita Marley released a number of albums, and his children Damian, Stephen, and Ziggy Marley have all released multiple LPs. Even Bob’s grandson Skip hasn’t been releasing singles.

While Damian and Stephen have receive the most critical acclaim in recent years, it was the more pop-oriented Ziggy who had one of the first post-Bob hits with “Tomorrow People”. Released in 1988, the song is reggae-light, dance-able and unabashedly socially conscious, worrying about the people of the future if they don’t hold onto love (yep, Ziggy is the cheeseball of the family). It was one of those songs you would hear advertised during commercials selling Hits of the 80’s compilations, or at tropical-themed restaurants that didn’t want to scare off families.

The music video has the perfect 80’s corniness as well.

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