Check This: Bedouin Soundclash – Elongo

Artist: Bedouin Soundclash

Song: Elongo

Genre: Rock, Dub, Calypso

Ever since Sublime took a cue from The Clash and The Police and left their reggae-rock mark imprinted on alternative rock, there have been hundreds of bands following in their footsteps with diminishing results. Canadian trio Bedouin Soundclash are one of the few groups melding the genres today that have managed to find their own identity and stand out amid all the other two tone noise.

One of the best examples is their single “Elongo” from 2010’s Light the Horizon. Acoustic guitars and hand drumming create a tropical base that is built upon through sweeping violins and twinkling triangles. Jay Malinowski’s voice, not as obviously smooth as Bradley Nowell’s, achieves a beauty through it’s bare vulnerability, and is fleshed out with backing vocals on the chorus. Their are echoes of reggae and calypso in the tune, but they blend seamlessly into the music instead of overpowering it. Bedouin Soundclash also have a more wordly lyrical focus than the Slightly Stoopids of the modern rock world (“Elongo” is about a child the singer met in Sri Lanka as part of a War Child campaign).

After a 7 year break, the group is finally making new music again, having just released the single “Clockwork” back in May. It will be a pleasure to have them back.

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