Throwback Thursday: David Byrne – Now I’m Your Mom

The line-up for Coachella has been announced, so as we lead up to the preeminent CA music fest, we’ll be focusing on some of the artists that will be playing the bill. One of the acts I’m most excited for is David Byrne, playing on Saturday.

Most well known as being the lead singer of the Talking Heads, since the dissolution of that group, Byrne has had a varied career, releasing many different solo albums, as well as collaborations with St. Vincent (playing Friday) and Brian Eno. He’s also popped up on hip hop albums, and even had a small role as himself in the movie This Must Be the Place.

From Byrne’s 1992 album Uh-Oh, “Now I’m Your Mom” is a great example of the musician’s eccentric style and knack for eclectic beats and off-kilter but engrossing melodies. Beginning with funky bass riffs, the song slides into an Afrobeat groove with Byrne’s slinky crooning, before opening up to a bright and bubbly chorus.Light horn accompaniment adds a jazz touch to the song, which is sung from the perspective of a man who has transitioned into being a woman, and is trying to explain it to her daughter.

Byrne has always been way ahead of his time, and even his lyrics were looking forward to the day we could have shows like Transparent and transgender politicians finding acceptance. I’m excited to see what he has in store for us with his new album due in March.

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