Banger of the Week: In Fear and Faith- Pirates… The Sequel

A double-kick and a silky smooth synthesizer lead you into an homage to independence, with ironically, a cooptation of Disney’s(?) “A pirate’s life for me.”
Heavy, with some nice crisp anthemic vocals and top notch guttural cries they show off their musical chops through clean riffs tinged in electronica influence, which has grown over recent records.
This banger is the first song off of 2010s Your World on Fire.  It’s all about being a pirate and the return home after a long journey.  It celebrates the travails of pirate-hood including it would seem rape (“we’ll take what we need and get what we want… you better hide your daughters because we’re on our way home”).  Giving the band the benefit of the doubt, we’ll imagine they are simply celebrating good times and reveling in the agency they feel having found a crew to surround themselves. They return home as someone to be respected or, at least, feared in a simulacrum of respect.  Analysis aside, the song will set you on fire for a solid 3:04.
Bang away to this sweetness and give the rest of the great album a listen- especially the subsequent song of equal if not greater banger quality: “The End”

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