Check This: Lauren Ruth Ward – Well, Hell

Artist: Lauren Ruth Ward

Song: Well, Hell

Album: Well, Hell

Genre: Rock, Folk Rock

Two years following her move from Baltimore to Los Angeles, singer/songwriter/guitar player Lauren Ruth Ward has built a critical buzz around her 60’s-inspired rock n’roll. And this year, she finally released her first full length album, titled Well, Hell. Her explicit, vulnerable lyrics match the grit and edginess of her band’s sound, and the album is definitely worth your time.

While not a single, the title track is a highlight on the album. It begins with a burst of Strokes-y guitars and Ward singing “My daddy says he’s friends with Uncle Sam, I try to change his mind in those baby booming ways”. It’s not an attempt to be political – just a clever insight into a modern family dynamic. She continues on, discussing her mother, referencing Bowie, and worrying that she needs to talk with her therapist. All of this is delivered in a passionate, bluesy machine-gunning wale that will burn down the room.

Check out her new album on Spotify, and listen to the track below.

Watch a fiery live performance of the song here:

The recorded version:

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