Throwback Thursday: Jawbreaker – Kiss the Bottle

In honor of their three-night stint at the Hollywood Palladium starting tonight (which I’ll be going to), today we’ll be throwing back to Jawbreaker‘s powerful look at addiction, “Kiss the Bottle”, from their 2002 album Etc.

The first time I heard the song, it was Lucero‘s countrified cover version (if you search hard enough, you can also find a Foo Fighters cover that was a foreign B-side). It would be years later when I learned it was actually a Jawbreaker song and heard the original. The grit and desperation in the lyrics are painfully visceral, though nothing is as effective as the regret seeping out of the chorus; “I kissed the bottle. I should have been kissing you.”

Since reuniting last year following the release of the documentary Don’t Break Down: A film about Jawbreaker, the band has been playing sold-out shows across the U.S., and getting some of the critical attention they didn’t manage to attain during their initial 10-year run as a band. While there’s no talk of new music yet, hopefully this resurgence in popularity will help get their original albums heard by new audiences.

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