Check This: Jukebox the Ghost – Jumpstarted

Artist: Jukebox the Ghost

Song: Jumpstarted

Album: Off to the Races

Genre: Power-Pop, Rock, Pop

When people think of big music cities, Washington D.C. is not the first place to come to mind. Though it held a strong punk scene in the 80’s, these days it’s mostly thought of our nation’s capital and a den of political sludge. This makes it all the more surprising that a group as buoyant as Jukebox the Ghost have come out of it. Releasing their first album back in 2008, they are now prepping for the release of their latest opus, Off to the Races, due March 30th, and single “Jumpstarted” is an exciting entry into their evolving sound.

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the track is that it is 100% indebted to Queen – from the Freddie Mercury-esque vocals and opening, “Bohemian Rhapsody” harmonies, to the multi-part structure of the song, it’s undeniably influenced by the classic British rock group. And this is by no means a put-down – it’s damn hard to write a song like Queen and have it be good – and “Jumpstarted” is good. It’s one of the most musically interesting love songs you’ll hear this year. Lyrics like “now as I begin the long walk home, you’ve got me feeling like an overdose” and “Hey don’t act surprised, a goldfish wouldn’t love you twice” sound silly but fit in perfectly well with the joyous tune.

Listen below, and hear the whole album at month’s end.

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