Check This: L.A. Salami – Generation L(ost)

Artist: L.A. Salami

Song: Generation L(ost)

Album: The City of Bootmakers

Label: Sunday Best Recordings

A lot can be said for the continued importance of album artwork. When I review all the new music released on a Friday, I mainly seek out artists I’m familiar with, and often it takes a great album cover to spark my curiosity enough to add a new artist to my playlist.

After seeing the interesting cover photo of L.A. Salami‘s album The City of Bootmakers, I then wondered who calls their band name that and what does it mean to be a Los Angeles salami? Does it have to do with our melting pot status, like L.A. is a finely ground up group of people forming a delicious final product?

Oh, it turns out that’s actually his name (Lookman Adekunle Salami), and he’s a British singer-songwriter. I was way off! Let’s look at the tracks…I like the song title “Generation L(ost)”, let’s give that song a try.

Uh, it’s an energetic rock song driven by acoustic guitars , chiming cymbals, upbeat drumming and an all-around pleasant melody. It builds to a near spastic ending, before petering out with some loose chords like a 60’s garage rock song. This guy ain’t bad! Glad I gave him a chance.

Now you should give him a chance too!

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