Check This: Dagny – Backbeat

Artist: Dagny

Song: Backbeat

Album: Ultraviolet EP

Genre: Pop, Dance, Pop Rock

Label: Republic Records

For a country that has garnered a reputation for it’s darkness and depressed people, Norway can certainly churn out a good pop artist. Singer/Songwriter Dagny Norvoll Sandvik (who goes by Dagny) was born in Norway, though relocated to London in her twenties. She garnered attention on the release of her first single, the powerhouse anthem “Backbeat”.

Built on a muscular drum beat and background harmonies, the song reaches for arena-level heights right at the offset. Though the lyrics are full of regret for letting a relationship fail, the strength and confidence in the chorus finds Dagny laying down the gauntlet; “Back beat, counting time / Pick it up and tell me if you really wanna dance some more / We’re borderline wasting time / Pick it up and tell me that you love me like you did before”. The energy of the music and passion in the vocals turn the song to 11, making the song a jam for dancefloors or convertible cruising.

Dagny‘s entire Ultraviolet EP (2016) is a collection of meaty, upbeat pop music that will convert even the most snobbish hipsters.

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