Banger of the Week: Killswitch Engage – My Curse

It’s 2007-2008, you’ve just stumbled your way through “The Fire and the Flames” and beat Guitar Hero 3. As you set the guitar peripheral down and reflect upon your accomplishment the world dances by in the waves from the residue of intensely staring at falling red, blue, green, and yellow on-screen icons. You feel faintly nauseous. But you did it.

So, now that you have defeated the game you look for more content and find the extra songs- about 30 or so. You cycle through some recognizable tunes and stop on Killswitch Engage. What a silly band name you think as the songs preview starts up. “Oh my, what is this?” “This is my curse” screamed out over heavy guitar and drum breakdown. You open the tune up, stand up, stretch your fingers and get ready to live out your rocker dreams in the privacy of your bedroom.

Powerful, grand and almost too pretty vocals call out “There is love / burning to find you / will you wait for me” paired with the screamer who calls out the pain of the waiting for this love. But the music is why you come to the Banger. Guitar leading the way, dreamy opening to speedy metal chorus where that lover walks away and then into the chorus where “the longing / the yearning” are the curse. There’s even some spoken word, which releases back into a meaty bridge and thudding guitar.

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