Live Report: The Interrupters at Amoeba Music


In honor of the pending release of their new album, Fight the Good Fight, LA ska-punk band The Interrupters played a free show at Amoeba music that packed the landmark record store.

If you follow our site or our Twitter, you would know that we’ve been a big advocate of this band, even getting to help vote them into rotation on KROQ during their new music meeting. Thankfully, their live show did not disappoint.

While the set was short as expected (Amoeba sets are generally 4 – 6 songs), the band packed it in with their most anthemic, singalong singles. The group has a knack for storytelling in their songs (“She Got Arrested”, “She’s Kerosene”), and it’s refreshing having stories songs in the punk genre from a powerful female POV like Aimee Interrupter. They also are able to make these tracks as catchy as the more straight-forward empowerment anthems they played (“Take Back the Power”, “By My Side”, “Family”). While vocals on some of the verses were a bit muffled (most likely from the sound equipment and not the fault of the band), the group’s energy and graciousness towards their fans spoke loudly, and their choruses blasted through the room.

It’s not hard to see why songs like these are connecting with fans, with how the world is going. Now more than ever, those who feel powerless because of the current government’s policies need positive, inclusive punk songs like these; rallying cries for the new revolution.

Check out their latest track “Gave You Everything” below, and listen to their new full length this Friday.

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