Banger of the Week: Bury Tomorrow – Of Glory

bury tomorrow

South Hampton, Hampshire, England, gave birth to this metalcore band. Since their formation in 2006, they’ve released 5 LPs with the most recent being Black Flame, not but a week ago. Perhaps a review in the future.

In my metal, I’m looking for a balance that was best captured by Atreyu on 2004’s The Curse. Bury Tomorrow holds those scales and what happens but sweet similitude. The give and take of the “clean” singer, Jason Cameron, and their “unclean” screamer-singer, Daniel Winter-Bates, flows back and forth, meeting up at points and taking whole parts for themselves. It adds a variety and depth to the lyricism that blends so well with the riffs and huge drums. It’s very melodic at times- where the band has received some criticism from purists of metal who might be looking for more of a jagged edge- but that melody makes it accessible to genre newcomers.

Today’s banger is a single off of their 2014 album Runes. “Of Glory” comes out of the gates with screams before settling into it’s speed metal melody. At 1:25 the singer’s low-end falsetto and soothing chorus bridge the intensity of the verses. The song is a spiritual sibling of Percy Byshe Shelly’s “Mask of Anarchy” as a message to the oppressed and the oppressors. For the oppressed, there’s the uplifting message that “At the end there’s no time for defeat / Don’t hold me back I feel full of belief / I am alive, we will not die” but for the oppressor: “You’re perched so high that you can’t hear us / Oppressor / I see your lies for what they truly are.” Whether social, political, personal or all three, the song could be interpreted and likely has. For me, as with Shelley’s poem inspired by the Peterloo Massacre where calvalry charged into political protestors killing several and injuring hundreds (1819), it’s political, but easily it’s also about addiction, abuse, etc.

What matters: it’s hard, it’s fast, it has a listenability, and a sensitivity. Enjoy.

#blackflame #metalcore #bangeroftheweek

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