Comeback Alert: American Football – “Silhouettes”

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Through a beautiful garden of chimes and hypnotic guitar American Football emerge back onto the indie scene two decades after their eponymous debut with an eponymous return. Rich, warm soundscapes characterize their brand of emo-tinged indie rock that also has echoes of Pinback or an Americana Sigur Ros.


In 2014, the band played a few reunion shows and from there created a new album set to release March 22, 2019. It will be interesting to see how the sound from their first albums is incorporated. Their first LP had a strong resemblance to the tumbling indie rock of contemporaries like Pinback and Broken Social Scene with earnest unfiltered vocals, but this new effort is much richer. Through the chimes, strings, and echoing vocals a much smoother sound emerges. Clocking in at 7:31 on this song without becoming contrived, the band seems to be focused and clear-eyed.

Although I missed them during their first incarnation, I imagine there being a number of people that will be like, “Oh Yeah, American Football” and others who will have been playing their album as a life soundtrack- for that first EP has that type of youthful passion that makes it timeless. So, for new listeners, enjoy and for others welcome to a taste of warm indie soon to be released in 2019.  Really looking forward to how this album turns out.

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