Check This: Cosmo Sheldrake – Come Along


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Artist: Cosmo Sheldrake

Song: “Come Along”

Album: The Much Much How How and I

Label: Tardigrade Records

Genre: Indie, Alt. Pop, Folk

Gotta hand it to Apple – whether you see them as saviors or destroyers of the music industry, they’ve certainly managed to help boost the profiles of a handful of musicians through major sync placements. The latest to get the Apple bump is London-based multi-instrumentalist composer and producer Cosmo Sheldrake, who’s track “Come Along” has graced a commercial for the Apple iPhone XR.

Of course, the song wouldn’t have gained any traction if it wasn’t good. Orchestrated like a musical piece, Sheldrake delivers his lyrics with a whimsical lilt as he calls for listeners to “runaway from the humdrum”. It’s fantastical pop, like something that would be sung by Willy Wonka or the Pied Piper, if he was heavily inspired by Sufjan Stevens. There’s an underlying darkness to the tune that keeps it from being too fluffy, yet it’s still something you could see kids skipping around to in a magical garden.

Check out this unique track below, or on our Check This 2019 playlist.

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