Banger of the Week: Boundaries – Turning Point


Connecticut heavy metal/thrash punk band, Boundaries, has released their first single of 2019 and the Banger likes it. What we have here is a bit of the old Suicidal Tendencies heavy metal flavor. I listened to their 2017 full length Quarter Life Crisis and was impressed by the crispy instrumentation and cool breakdowns which helped me realize they didn’t just catch lightning in a bottle, they’ve got some skills.

This song, “Turning Point” has everything a Banger should– like six different tempos, speed punk parts, metal riff, vocal cord ripping vocals and reckless abandon. So it starts with a friendly drum bibbity-bop and a good guitar riff, then the vocals “The voices in my head / Like a thorn in my side / They keep me down / My decisions slowly killing my drive… I’m running from the inside.” It’s something about accepting who you are and fighting that war at doing that on a regular basis. Neat.

It’s all fast and furious until the last 50 seconds where it gets slow and furious- feedback, crashing everything, and some vocals that will require a spot of tea & honey. Variety is the spice of life and when a band packs so many styles of fury in a 3 minute span they deserve Banger status.

Check out their video for the single as well.

And definitely, if you Spotify, follow the Bangers of the Week Playlist! A growing community of hard hitting appreciaters.

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