Check This: Twin Temple – Lucifer, My Love


Check This 2019 Playlist

Artist: Twin Temple

Song: “Lucifer, My Love”

Album: Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound…Satanic Doo-Wop)

Genre: Doo Wop

If the idea of Jewish Reggae threw you for a loop back when “King Without a Crown” was spinning on alternative radio, then you ain’t heard nothing yet. Meet Twin Temple, the group pioneering the amalgamation of the classic 1950’s genre with “occult aesthetics” (per their bio).

Yes, it sounds like a gimmick, but take a listen to single “Lucifer, My Love” below, and you’ll know that they aren’t doing this for a laugh. The production and musicianship is exquisitely reverent to the genre, and the lyrics are far more than jokey Satanic tropes. Lines like “Oh Satan, deliver me from society’s hypocrisy” show the deeper meaning being sought through their world view. Then again, there’s lines like “you’re a lot better kisser than Jesus” which are just fun digs.

Take listen below, or follow our Check This 2019 Playlist above!

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