Banger of the Week: Fury – Angels Over Berlin


New track from Orange county hardcore band Fury sounds a lot like Fugazi during their Repeater days. It’s chaotic with speed ups and slow downs but a solid hook that keeps it all together.

This is the lead single off of the upcoming album Failed Entertainment, out on May 3rd. Their sound mixes heavy metal guitar riffs with speedy punk break downs and crashing drums all around. Vocals have that tight throated repressed scream quality that comes off with an err of frustration.

The single sticks close to the sound revealed on their debut Paramount which has a number of tunes that remind one of Suicidal Tendencies. There’s unbridled, unrestrained passion in what they are doing. It’s some hard shit to get your day going.

They’re going on a short tour that kicks off tonight in Austin, TX at SXSW. Check them out and get see some of their new music. Check out the new track and the old album in the time between.

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