Banger of the Week: Okilly Dokilly – Reneducation


Stay with me here. Out of Phoenix, Okilly Dokilly is a metalcore band specializing in “Nedal” building a shrine to Simpson regular Ned Flanders.

This is the first time Reddit has led me to a review. let alone a banger. It was a complicated journey. I rarely click on music links; I have other methods to find out what’s new. But metal pairing tastefully with a Ned Flanders costumed band and themed lyrics, washed down with a “White wine spritzer,” I was smitten. Ranging from slower cathedral metal to faster thrash the vocalist never rises above a demonic, throaty croak though a back up adds variety.


All the hallmarks of tight metalcore are here: crushing riffs and heavy percussion. But they throw in slow downs, approaching some jazzy sounds as on the fairly epic, “Claw My Eyes Out”.

The Ned Flanders gimmick got me in the door but their music kept me lingering. I don’t think I’ve stumbled up my new favorite band but they are on my radar now. If I saw them coming to my town, I’d be going to the show.

Enjoy Okilly Dokilly. “White Wine Spritzer” is the lead off of their 2016 album, Howdilly Doodilly. “Reneducation” is the lead off their recent release, Howdilly, Twodilly.

Banger 2019 song list on Spotify says: Follow Me!



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