Check This: Izabel Crane – Creature


Izabel Crane is the moniker for Springfield, MO based singer-songwriter Liz Carney. She writes music that haunts and illuminates, bringing an otherworldly quality to her Americana-styled music. Carney draws from a deep well of musical influences, but none more so than the Ozark surroundings where she grew up.

“Creature” is the b-side to her first single, “Spring Fed River”. While the latter track relies on softer, Appalachian harmonies, “Creature” comes from a darker place, sounding like a lost cut from a cult film soundtrack. The spaghetti western guitars ring out like echoes over the desert, while Carney’s soothing vocals are equal parts come-on and aloof as she calls “creature creature…come back to me, I’ll be ready to go.” As the bridge hits, she manages to source a hidden beauty that rouses as it builds to a cathartic and stark ending.

Check it out in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:

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