Check This: Baseball Gregg – Pleasure and Pain

baseball gregg
With the time and space that is afforded to many of us, we now have the luxury to ruminate on the meaning of life. No longer are there existential threats in the everyday so in the downtime between fighting for our lives, we can meditate on the hows and the whys. This allows us to examine depression and disillusionment at length. However, the culture of such self-examination has evolved to the point of being self aware and ironic.

With Baseball Gregg, a low-fi pop duo out of Stockton, California, they dive headlong into a stripped down, poetic analysis of depressions hold. Told as a narrative of the quotidian, the song asks the big questions about meaning and purpose but unless you dial into the lyrics (which is worth your time) you will instead float along to the smooth bubbly bounce of the dream pop tinged melody.


According to their bandcamp description, the song is a response to a period of personal depression and its images are honest interpretations of those feelings and behaviors. It’s a song of the age and what I love about it is the universality of the anxiety and sadness but the unique nature that those feelings are expressed from the newest hip-hop to the twangiest country or somewhere in the middle with an upbeat, almost humorous low-fi pop track.

Enjoy this fun single, follow Baseball Gregg and check out the rest of the year’s CHECK THIS 2019 mix. It’s really good- trust me.

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