Check This: Sarah Pagé – Ephemeris Data


Artist: Sarah Pagé

Song: “Ephemeris Data”

Album: Dose Curves (Oct 11th, 2019)

Label: Backward Music

Genre: Classical, Experimental, Instrumental

“Experimental harpist” is not something you generally hear when people discuss popular music, but as we’ve shown here at The Indy Review, through artists varying from Chloe Flower to Justin Wright, instrumental, classical-inspired music is just as, or often more, exciting and risk taking as today’s chart-topping hits. So let’s introduce you to Sarah Pagé, a Montreal-based musician who records stunning, complex compositions on the harp.

Her debut single, the grandiose, nine and a half minute single “Ephemeris Data”, is a journey unto itself. The serene, lilting melody Pagé begins the song with could be the perfect soundtrack to driving through a peaceful countryside. As it gradually grows more lush, it has the dual effect of both rousing and calming the spirit. The music continues to evolve, finding elements of whimsy and thoughtfulness as it flies along.

Check out this incredible track in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:

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