Check This: Anna Wiebe – I Felt it in the Wind


Artist: Anna Wiebe

Song: “I Felt It In the Wind”

Album: All I Do Is Move

Genre: Indie, Folk

Ontario-based singer/songwriter Anna Wiebe doesn’t post much about herself online, letting the music tell her story for her. Musically, her songs have folk and indie elements, while one can catch jazz inflections in her singing. All of these are on display on her latest album, All I Do is Move, and it’s first single “I Felt It In the Wind”.

A gentle acoustic song with a delicate vocal delivery that glides with along with a mix of warmth and melancholy, “I Felt it in the Wind” feels timeless. A thoughtful lament for the one that got away, the track will want to make you want to hold on all the tighter to the one you’re with.

Take a listen to it in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:


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