World Watch: The Cro-Magnons


Country: Japan

I have returned from Japan with a (new to me) musical discovery: Japanese punk rock band The Cro-Magnons. While wandering into a Tower Records in Tokyo (yes, Tower still exists in Japan), I saw the group’s latest albumĀ Punch on display and gave it a listen, hearing fast, energetic punk rock that was music to my ears. The group, formed in 2006, has been a major rock act in Japan for some time

As I figured the internet would provide ways for me to hear their music in America, I didn’t purchase the CD. Unfortunately, I would go on to find that the group’s music is not available on US DSPs, so it’s hard to find anything to share with all of you. The best available are 45 sec video clips on YouTube, some of which you can find below.

If anyone has a connection to a US punk label, I recommend flagging this group for a US distribution deal so the rest of the world can learn of this group.

And here’s their website:

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