Check This: Pointed Man Band – Go!

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 3.26.40 PM

Artist: Pointed Man Band

Song: “Go!”

Album: Amongst the Tall Trees

Genre: Indie, Pop, Family

Multi-instrumentalist Dan Elliott is the mastermind behind this creative, genre-bending group, Pointed Man Band. Formed originally with the intention of making music that could appeal to both kids and adults, PMB’s music invokes happiness and wonder at every musical turn. Utilizing imaginative orchestrations of horns, strings, synths and harp, the music bursts out the door like a toddler set free to play in a field of puppies.

Opening track “Go!” harnesses this wild energy. An ebullient, piano-driven piece of sparkly pop, the track finds Elliott shouting out little slice-of-life moments, building to a joyful chorus. The track is brimming with whimsy and musically captivating.

Take a listen in our Check This 2019 Playlist below or watch the video!

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