New Music Friday – December 20, 2019


And we did it. We’ve reached the last New Music Friday of 2019 (for us). It’s time to wind down, find some good “Best of” lists to see what you may have missed, and enjoy the last days of this long year.

We’ll be sending off 2019 with the latest John Williams score forĀ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. There’s also a nice mix of songs from eccentric soul legend Swamp Dogg (feat. Justin Vernon and Jenny Lewis), unique latin band Buyepongo, reggae from Ziggy Marley, some alt. rock from Stroke 9 and Machine Gun Kelly, pop punk from Mest, and the rap/soul stylings of British artist Plan B.

As it’s such a small list today, there’s not much need for a full NMF playlist, so enjoy what you hear below and stream away this holiday season.

Thank you all for spending the year with us discovering new music. Here’s to finding many great new tunes together in 2020. Peace out.


John WilliamsStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


Swamp Dogg – Sleeping Without You is a Dragg (feat. Justin Vernon, Jenny Lewis)

Machine Gun Kelly – why are you here

Stroke 9 – 9 AM

Buyepongo – Solo Yo

Ziggy Marley – Friday’s On

Mest – Don’t Worry Son

Plan B – First Past the Post

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