New Music Friday – January 3, 2020


Welcome to 2020 here at the Indy Review, and our first New Music Friday of the new year. Much as things wind down at the end of the year, new music is slowly rolled out as the year starts, so it’s not a big list today.

What we got to kick off 2020 is new EPs from English punk Rat Boy and the Foo Fighters, as well as new singles from one of our favorite local bands, Pacific Radio, as well as more established acts like The Mowgli’s, Walk Off the Earth, Radkey, Zebrahead, and Wild Nothing.

Until we get some more full albums coming in, we’ll hold off on full NMF Playlists, but you can still take a listen to all the tracks below. Start the year off right – stream songs by indie and up-and-coming artists. Help break the next big act of the year.


Rat BoyGovernment Vacation

Foo Fighters – 00959525


Pacific Radio – Walk Away

Walk Off the Earth – Lonely

The Mowgli’s – Wasting Time

Wild Nothing – Foyer

Radkey – Bend

Zebrahead – Shock and Awe by the Sea

Counterfeit. – The New Insane

Devon Gilfillian – Stay a Little Longer

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