Check This: Munroe – Wreak Havoc


Artist: Munroe

Song: “Wreak Havoc”

Genre: Indie, Pop, Alternative

Munroe is the musical project from Canadian actress Kathleen Munroe. She released her debut eponymous EP in 2015, and a full-length album in 2017. Her latest offering is the sparse, melancholy “Wreak Havoc”.

The single has a minimalist opening, featuring only simple piano chords and Munroe’s aching vocals. As the production builds momentum, a roving sax comes in to give the track a dreamy quality. In her own words, ““Wreak Havoc” is part surrender, part plea. It’s about finding power through submission.”

It’s a stunning song, and a great choice to launch our new Check This 2020 Playlist. Follow it to keep up with all the tracks we feature this year:

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