Check This: Billy Raffoul – Never Be Another Like You

Artist: Billy Raffoul

Song: “Never Be Another Like You”

Genre: Indie, Alternative

From the first moment I heard his raspy vocals shred out along side his powerful guitar riffs on his first single, “Driver,” I have been hooked on following what Canadian artist, Billy Raffoul, has been delivering. Despite not having a full album released yet (rumor has it one will come in 2020, and I can’t wait!), he has building up quite the catalog of great music through singles and EP releases – his most recent being the upbeat, “Never Be Another Like You.”

His incredible power comes from his soulful lyrics, great melodies, and passionate vocal deliveries like I haven’t heard in quite some time from a new artist. I had the honor of seeing him perform a solo set at The Troubadour in 2019. It ended up being just him and his guitar, as most of his equipment got trapped in Texas during the flooding down there. Truth told, though, he doesn’t really need anything more than just himself and his guitar. He is a true musician with an incredible talent and I look forward to seeing what else he releases in 2020.

He’s on tour in 2020, hitting many cities across the United States and Germany. I highly recommend seeing him perform live if you have the chance.

Check out his latest single below, but be sure to also check out his full catalog of music that’s available on Spotify – you won’t regret it! Find this track in our Check This 2020 Playlist below.

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