Live Report: Jared Kolesar @ Equal Parts

Artists: Jared Kolesar (of Jared & The Mill)

Venue: Equal Parts

Date: January 17, 2020

One of the things I love about living in the Los Angeles area, is that you never know when an opportunity for a small pop-up show may come your way. I’ve been following the band, Jared & The Mill, on Spotify ever since their top played song, “Messengers,” popped up onto my Discover Weekly playlist. Thankfully, following the band on social media meant that when lead singer, Jared Kolesar, decided to pop by Equal Parts cocktail bar for a couple of acoustic sets last week I was able to catch one of the shows.

I arrived to the bar early, and was quickly welcomed by Jared, and a couple of others who were already there. He is a very gracious, humble, and welcoming human – you can tell that his fans are important to him. With a free PBR in hand, thanks to a rep from Pabst, Jared sat down and we had a quick chat about X-Men (due to my Marvel comics phone case) before he made his way around to talk to other fans as they began to arrive. He asked for any requests that anyone had and said he’d do his best to work them into the set, as he really did want to tailor the show to what his fans wanted to see played.

As it got closer to show time I went to the bar to get myself a Naked and Famous, one of their specialty Mezcal based drinks – that I’ve decided must be named after the band of the same name (despite the bar tender not knowing for sure) – it was delicious, by the way.

Jared’s set was short, but delightful. Having just him with his guitar gave his voice a chance to truly shine. He has some incredible power in those pipes, and it was an escape to watch the emotion pour out of him through his melodies and lyrics. He did some fan favorites, including “Messengers,” which myself and one other fan requested, as well as some new unreleased songs. One unreleased song that he did is still living in my mind. He said it doesn’t have a name, but he gave it the working title of, “The Girl Who Loved Too Much.” It honestly felt like a song that could’ve been written about me, and had I been listening to it alone at home I likely would’ve started crying. That is one thing I love about songs by Jared & The Mill. They transport you. They often speak about things that you are currently struggling with, and they give you a release from it, or at least the sense that you aren’t alone.

I’m not sure when the opportunity to see Jared solo again will come, but if you are in the Los Angeles area, you can see Jared & The Mill open for The Dustbowl Revival at The Troubadour on Saturday, February 29th. If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, definitely check out their music on Spotify and keep your eyes peeled for when the band may be playing near you.

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