Check This: Michael Malarkey – Graveracer


Best known as an actor in series such as The Vampire Diaries  and Project Blue Book, Michael Malarkey is also a singer-songwriter, creating darker, brooding yet emotive indie rock. With a baritone similar to Matt Berninger of The National, Malarkey’s voice commands attention over thoughtful, often elegiac arrangements.

His latest album, Graveracer, opens with the beautifully haunting title track. Malarkey’s delivery is hypnotic, as the mid-tempo song explores Malarkey’s often surreal journey in his career, and moments such as the hurricane in Puerto Rico which caused him to be evacuated from a set. Singing with an engaging gravitas, the track perfectly sets the mood for the remainder of the album.

Take a listen below in our Check This 2020 Playlist:

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