Check This: Ellen Starski – Pure Intention

Artist: Ellen Starski

Song: “Pure Intention”

Album: Sara’s Half Finished Love Affair

Genre: Folk, Alternative, Indie Rock, Indie Folk

Nashville artist, Ellen Starski‘s, newest album, Sara’s Half Finished Love Affair, is set for release on May 8th, 2020 – and the first single recently dropped for your listening pleasure. The new album “introduces some darker, grungier elements as well as a bright, alternative pop sense to Starski’s characteristic mix of ethereal and earthy, new qualities she says developed from a shift in her songwriting method.” The songs on the new album were all written a capella, and the accompanying music for the melody and lyrics grew from there. I love this approach, as it seems like it would allow the artist even more creative freedom to truly express the story they are aiming to get across with their music.

Ellen Starski definitely hits me as a great storyteller. The character of Sara for her new album has an entire back story that is elaborately laid out. In reading it, I honestly couldn’t decipher if Sara was a real person or not, but I assume she is a creation that takes pieces from Ellen’s life. Ellen says that the new album is “a step back into the artist I was prior to motherhood. When I sat down and started working on the music, and album title I was somewhat unaware of who Sara was, but as the project progressed it became obvious that she was emerging from my subconscious as yours truly.”

This is an except from Ellen’s/Sara’s story below:
Sara and I drank the night away in an unexplainable landscape, somewhere outside of the understood laws of the physical world. There was a confidentiality in that space, a whisper in the breeze, forgotten answers enclosing us. We approached and entered a realm without rules, only patterns that develop and expand like love or music. We summoned a call from deep within ourselves and sent out that call like warm radio waves.Together, we summoned Sara’s love.

You can begin your journey with Ellen and Sara by checking out the first single from the album, “Pure Intention.” The single takes notes and inspiration from Billie Holiday, of whom Ellen Starski has been a fan since she was a young girl. Starski’s crisp vocals drip with emotion ahead of the dream-like backing music on this track. Check out the new single in our Check This 2020 Playlist below:

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