Cover Corner: Marcus Mumford – You'll Never Walk Alone

Things are certainly crazy in the world at the moment, but I am in awe of the artistry that is coming out of these hard times. Musicians have been doing live streams, working to raise money for charities that are helping those in need, and just posting off-the-wall stuff on their live feeds. Just yesterday, I enjoyed two live streams from some of my favorite musicians, and more and more artists are hopping on board this trend. I feel as though I’ll see more live performances in the next month than I may have seen all year otherwise. I miss physically attending live performances, but I greatly appreciate what musicians are doing to continue sharing their art as we work our way through this.

One single that just got released, with charity and compassion in mind, is “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” by Marcus Mumford, of Mumford & Sons. This is actually the second cover I’ve heard of this song in one week. It was covered just a few days earlier by the Dropkick Murphys on their live St. Patty’s Day concert stream (if you missed that, you can catch the replay here – which you should, because it was quite the banger!). The original version of this song was written by Rodgers & Hammerstein for the musical, Carousel. While the original musical is a bit on the dodgy side (in my opinion), this one song from it has held up over the years as an anthem of community and hope – which is why I think it’s been a choice song in the past week.

Marcus is making sure that all record company profits from this song will go to the Grenfell Foundation and War Child UK:

I work with both organizations, I have been in contact with them throughout the COVID pandemic, they’re doing amazing work supporting vulnerable people, but it’s really hard right now. To find out more, or to make a donation of your own to their extraordinary work, please see this link:

Now is a wonderful time to make sure you are following all of your favorite artists on all of their social media platforms so that you can stay up to date on any live streams, projects, or charity work they are currently doing. Like them, follow them, and (if you are able to) donate to them as you enjoy their work from home. Stay safe. Spread love & joy. Enjoy this cover below:

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