Check This: Field Medic ft. Pickleboy – talkin johnny & june (your arms around me)

San Francisco-based singer/songwriter, Kevin Patrick Sullivan, known as Field Medic, released his most recent full-length (Run For Cover Records) debut, fade into the dawn, last year. In 2020 he is following up that album by releasing a new single weekly, alongside his video project, The Field Medic Show (on YouTube). The accompanying DIY video series acts as a window into his music, poetry, and art. The single releases and video series are loosely tied together under the title, Floral Prince.

“The resulting body of work forms a musical and visual patchwork quilt – each individual piece has its own beautiful details and nuances that can be admired on their own, or stitched together and appreciated in a whole new way.”

The newest single release, “talkin johnny & june (your arms around me),” has Field Medic teaming up with Alex Menne of Great Grandpa, aka Pickleboy. This delightfully upbeat folky piece makes me think of the type of music you’d hear when an accomplished guitar player pulls out his guitar around a campfire and begins a storytelling sing-along. Sullivan’s plucky guitar chords are complimented wonderfully by the combination of his and Menne’s vocals melding together. Together, they pay a lovely homage to Johnny Cash and June Carter in this song. Field Medic‘s song writing and delivery really gives me a feeling of classic Bob Dylan tunes. I look forward to the barrage of new singles in 2020.

Find episode 2 of The Field Medic Show here on YouTube (this is the episode released in unison with the single:

Listen to the single on our Check This 2020 playlist on Spotify below:

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