Lost Gems: Larry & The Loafers – Panama City Blues


Sometimes, it takes something new to discover something old.

While reviewing submission, I found one from electronic hip-hop duo American Studies, who specialize in digging through old recordings and using sampling to reimagine classic tracks into something fresh and modern. For their debut release, they gave new life to an obscure 60’s track, “Panama City Blues”, by Larry & The Loafers.

Their interpretation of the song positively slapped, but it left me curious to hear what the original sounded like. Thankfully, it was available via a collection of recordings from Reed Records (The Rockin’ “Reed” Recordings).

Opening with a grooving surf guitar melody and vocal harmonies, the track retains a perfect beach vibe throughout, as the narrator pines for his missing lover while “sitting in pure white sand”. It’s an immaculate 60’s rock ‘n roll nugget, and one that should not be lost to the pure white sands of time.

Thank you to American Studies for introducing the track to fresh ears, and creating a modern summer jam with your new version of it. Finding both tracks below!

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