Check This: Only August – The Rain

Brand new Toronto based artist, Only August (aka Andrew Reinhardt), has released his powerful debut single, “The Rain,” ahead of his debut album – set for a summer 2020 release (with Kyle Ashbourne at Sugar Shack Studios, London ON). With musical influences such as Kings of Leon & Nothing But Thieves, Only August comes into the ring swinging!

“The Rain” was co-written with his wife, and focuses on the theme of growth and strength in relationships.

“The song’s lyrics describe the simple care and nurture required to sustain a relationship, just as a plant needs rain to drink, sunshine to grow, as well as shade and space.”

“‘The Rain‘ features the line ‘they say the grass is always greener, but I can’t be sure,’ meaning that you may never be satisfied until you find this out for yourself, through lived experience.”

Melodically, the song is very catchy, and the background instrumentation is full of power and drive. There are a lot of great contrasts throughout the song, and it’s honestly hard to believe that Only August is just one man and his music. I can definitely hear some of the Kings of Leon influence in this song, but also feel as though Only August delivers a little more depth and variety in his sound. I look forward to hearing what else he has to deliver on his new album this year.

Check out the track for yourself below on our Check This 2020 playlist on Spotify:

Only August on Facebook:
Only August on Instagram:

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