World Watch: Oracle Sisters


Country: France

Though based in Paris, the members of Oracle Sisters hail from across Europe. Long-time friends Lewis Lazar and Christopher Willatt wrote music together in Belgium, before seeking different paths, and reuniting in Paris in 2017, forming Oracle Sisters. Soon joined by Julia Johansen, the group began creating music inspired by their loves of art, cinema, poetry, philosophy, and music from the world over.

2018 track “Always” opens with hazy acoustic guitars, and turns into a crooning folk rock ballad. It creates a dreamy vibe, easily launching listeners into a celestial landscape. Their latest song, “Most of All”, invokes Laurel Canyon with its warm harmonies, while chill-wave sonics add prisms of sunshine throughout. The track could fit in during the 60’s as well as it would on a modern beach folk playlist today.

Check out the tracks in our World Watch Playlist below:


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