World Watch: Aaron Smith

Country: Scotland, United Kingdom

Self taught at the age of 14, Aaron Smith has been writing songs and diving into his natural talent for a number of years now. He’s had a good amount of success since he posted his very first song on Facebook. In July 2019, his debut single ‘Unspoken‘, was featured in the #1 spot on both Spotify UK New Music Friday and Apple Music’s ‘Best of the Week.’ That song has gone on to receive over 18 million streams world wide!

He followed up the release of his first single with an EP called Loveless, which contains three more truly beautiful tracks and has reached over 29 million streams. It’s hard to believe that he’s self taught and that he got started playing guitar due to a friendly competition with his cousin, but some people are just born with a natural ability to truly express themselves musically – he is one of those people for sure.

His latest single, “Brother,” was released back in April 2020, and he continues to show the world his talent. Speaking about the track Aaron says:

Brother‘ is a song about addiction. It is based on a story that I had been told and felt I could relate parts of that story back to myself and some of the struggles myself and loved ones may have faced over the years. Addiction is a scary topic that can affect anyone in any walk of life, whether it is drugs, alcohol or anything else – it feels like a bit of a taboo subject but is something I feel strongly about and felt I wanted to address. It can consume peoples minds to the point of no return.

Check out this beautiful new track on our World Watch Playlist, and find more by Aaron on Spotify. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. From the first piano notes it caught my attention and swept me away:


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