Banger of the Week: Straight Line Stitch – Taste of Ashes


Music can inspire movements, and movements can inspire music (or at least the sharing of it). After stumbling across a playlist entitled Punk of Colour on Spotify, I spent much of the last week listening to the diverse line-up of pop-punk, punk, and hardcore acts and found some incredible new tunes.

One that took me off guard was the incredibly heavy Straight Line Stitch. Formed in Knoxville, TN in the early 2000’s, this heavy metal band recruited singer Alexis Brown in 2003, and truly found their sound then. The track that struck me most by the group was “Taste of Ashes”, and explosive combo of destructive drumming, apocalyptic riffs, and a back-and-forth between Brown’s demonic hardcore screaming and soaring melodic vocals.

The track bangs, booms and smashes, and is a great addition to our Banger of the Weeks Playlist.

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