Music Video: Foxy Shazam – Dreamer

After a five-year hiatus, rockers Foxy Shazam have decided to make 2020 the year of their return, releasing two new singles, “Burn” and “Dreamer”. The latter, a heavily-Queen indebted ballad that makes a sharp 180 turn into a rollicking barnburner, has just been accompanied by a new video.

Opening with the band performing in a suburban garage, the group perform the track with a theatricality that is passionate but also does not take itself too seriously. With added scenes of Eric Nally wandering beautiful natural surroundings (of the song, Nally has said “Nature is a quiet truth that lies within everything. “Dreamer” is about learning that”), the video is crisply shot, with the band’s performance riveting even in its goofiest moments.

Watch the video above, and listen to the track below:

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