Check This: Bartees Strange – Boomer

Artist: Bartees Strange

Song: “Boomer”

Label: Memory Music

Genre: Punk, Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative

Having been born in England and shepherded around the United States numerous times up until the age of twelve, it’s not surprising that Bartees Strange brings such a diverse range of influences into his music. Given formal musical training by his mother, an opera singer, it was the hardcore and emo scene he discovered while in Oklahoma that first enticed him, to later be followed by the new wave of indie post-punk groups out of England, and then the up-and-coming onslaught of new alternative and R&B artists sprouting up across America.

Despite so many influences, Strange’s music blends these styles seamlessly together on his latest single “Boomer”. Jumping in with a modern hip-hop flow over bubbly indie guitars, the track shifts into power chords and a brazen pop punk shout-along chorus. While the song may slyly be referencing this musical disparity, (“And sometimes, it’s kind of hard to tell exactly where I want to go. I know it don’t show”), it’s pretty clear Strange has a tight hold of his sound, and is not afraid to take it any direction his heart leads him.

Check out this catchy blast in our Check This 2020 Playlist!

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