Lost Gems: Feable Weiner – San Deem Us Ready

So some bands aren’t “lost” as much as they are under-recognized. This is probably the case for Tennessee’s Feable Weiner. Unlike some groups we’ve covered here, Feable Weiner have a bit of info available on them; formed back in 2000, the group signed to Doghouse Records, toured with a label mate, released their first album Dear Hot Chick in 2003, and come 2008, they changed their name to Mondo Pr!mo (though I have not been able to find any signs of their music since the name change).

They popped on my radar back in 2002 with their extremely catchy single “San Deem Us Ready”. Opening with bombastic, power pop guitars, the song goes on high speed throughout. Hyperspeed verses build up to a classic pop punk chorus. The drums are made for head-banging, and the lyrical play here is pretty damn charming.

Take a listen to the single, if you’re ready!


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